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Published on November 8, 2006 By chiprj In Blogging
Just another no news flash from email, just less sexy than my last one. In a report released by Reporters Without Borders, North Korea "remains, as in 2005, the worst internet black hole in the world".

I'm guessing this really comes as no surprise to the average person, but I guess it requires reporting (without borders).

And as far as Reporters Without Borders goes... Well, Doctors Without Borders seems like a nice organization. They try do a lot of good all over the world, including North Korea. Reporters Without Borders immediately makes me think of an international cover for greasy tabloid reporters to hide behind while they do their sleazy work. And with such glowingly obvious gems as officially naming North Korea as the worst internet black hole they aren't helping themselves any. HAHA!

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on Nov 22, 2006
What are you talking about have you been to the DPRK's dial up website, hosted by one of the two phone lines coming into the country.


how about this one lol

on Nov 22, 2006