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Published on November 8, 2006 By chiprj In Blogging
Busy blogging day for me today... Maybe I'm making a comeback to regular stuff or maybe I'm just teasing the three of you that still check this site once a month. HAHA!

So, what better day than today to have a power outage in the school? I mean, it is the 65th Anniversary of DLI and we had a representative from the Pentagon touring our school when it happened! HAHA! Perfect timing.

So, apparently, if you have one of those fancy motion detectors installed that turns your lights off for you if there is no movement, you have to reset it or it will turn the lights off on you every 5-10 seconds. HAHA! Took me a few minutes to figure how to reset it, all the while the lights were constantly turning off and on as I moved and stopped moving.

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on Nov 08, 2006
The toilets in our workplace is sensor switched like that. They used to have it on for 5 minutes; ladies always found themselves suddenly in the dark. They've extended the time frame to 30 minutes.

(BTW, thanks for the welcome back, Chip.)
on Nov 09, 2006
"Hello? Could someone wave their arms? Hello? It's dark in here... Hello?"

on Dec 05, 2006
I would never have reset it.