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Published on December 20, 2006 By chiprj In Blogging
So, fueled by greywar's return and my own return to a more normal schedule, I've decided to update my readers (all three of you).

My supervisor went on leave last month. He's the Chief MLI and that means he's the senior enlisted person in the school. Before he left, he told me that I'd be holding down the fort for him while he was gone and that he had wrapped up a lot of stuff, so I just had a few loose ends to tie up and then manage anything new.

To give you an idea of how the three weeks went, my first day in his office I learned that one of the students in my school had been arrested for suspicion in taking part in a strong arm robbery. It just kept getting busier from there. Of all the students actions loose ends I was supposed to see to, only two actually happened. In most of the cases, the units that were responsible for making a decision and giving us the information just chose not to. Repeatedly. Even after several calls, emails, and face to face meetings.

While I was doing all this, I was still trying to maintain a normal teaching schedule. During the first few months of class, it's pretty important that the students see me on a daily basis. It sets a nice tone for them to see my uniform and rank regularly, because we've seen it is fairly easy for them to lower their standards for behavior around the civilian staff. Of course, just like any class I've started with from day one, they decided to make me earn my pay. I had to counsel a number of them after their third or fourth significant event. Significant events include incomplete homework assignments, falling asleep in class, disrespect, not being prepared for class, tardiness, and a host of other things. At three they see the MLI and after their fourth event, they are supposed to see the Chief MLI and get another session with him in writing. So, I got to see some of them once as the MLI on strike three and once as the CMLI on strike four (WTF kind of baseball game do you get four strikes?).

Of course, I also got to work with the civilian staff of other departments. I have a great working relationship with my department staff. I've trained (troop led) them for three years now and apparently, I've done a pretty good job of it. We communicate very well and are able to fix a lot of problems at the lowest possible level. They take my advice on issues with students and in situations where we have disagreed, we are able to walk away without hurting each others feelings. Or yelling at each other in the hallway. In front of students. Repeatedly. Like I saw going on in other departments.

Now, the experience wasn't negative, as much as it might appear from what I've written. I knew that the job required a lot of patience and tact going into it. I learned a lot and since the Chief MLI has returned, I've actually cut down on my constant visits to him to let him know all about my frustrations with homework and the students that don't do it. I've always been happy here and being in his office has shown me a little more clearly how good I truly do have it in my department, despite the student with 22 significant event counselings in only 10 weeks of study.

Still, the front row parking space is not worth it and I'm glad he's back.

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on Dec 20, 2006
Hard to argue with good parking though.
on Dec 22, 2006
despite the student with 22 significant event counselings in only 10 weeks of study.

I hear there's openings in the 11 Bang-bang field............
on Dec 23, 2006
I hear there's openings in the 11 Bang-bang field............

That was pretty much what his 1SG wanted to do but the commander gets the final call and he wanted to take a more "hands on" approach to teaching time management and personal responsiblity. That's why now, he has a daily schedule set up. He has 30 mins for dinner and 30 mins for room/uniform prep every evening. Beyond that, he is doing his homeowork and studying in front of the CQ NCO. If he manages to finish his assignments early, he can call his PSG at home and request permission to be released for personal time early. Lights out at 2230 and he's not allowed to get up prior to 0430. That way, he also gets a full nights rest and doesn't get sleepy in class.

It's only been partially effective and he is still working on becoming a cook or somesuch in the near future.
on Dec 26, 2006
I think I have a copy of FM 22-102, Wall to Wall Counseling, if you need it.......