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First Installment
Published on March 14, 2007 By chiprj In Blogging
OK, now that I've found a few places I can go to connect with my laptop, I can upload and show some pics from the trip so far.

Last Friday, we had an assignment to go to two museums and find some things. One group went to the War Memorial and my group went to the Korean National Museum. I really wanted to go to the War Memorial, but that's mostly because I've been there a number of times before and figured the assignment would be easy for me to complete. HAHA! The National Museum was nice, though. We had the assignment of finding a number of national treasures and reporting back to the other half of the class with details about each item we found. Here is a picture of us in front of one of them. We'd already finished the assignment by this point but because our teacher made a point of mentioning this 10 story pagoda and how they took it apart and reassembled it inside, we figured we'd get a group shot in front of it.

This is another shot from the reflecting pool out in front of the museum.

Last Saturday, we went on a tour to the DMZ and Panmunjum. Oddly enough, after nearly 4 years total time in Korea, I've never gone on this tour. So, it was neat to go.

First, I'm still on the South Korean side of the central meeting building, standing next to a South Korean guard that is straddling the line between north and south.

Next, we have most of the students that are here with me on the North Korean side. Note the South Korean guard standing between us and the door to North Korea. They worry that we're going to make a dash for the opposite of freedom, I think.

Well, that's all I have for now. I think we have another project tomorrow and we have a field trip to a famous ceramics place on Saturday. More pics to follow.
on Mar 14, 2007
I will have to check from home as Websense is blocking all the pics here at work. Damn fascists.
on Mar 15, 2007
HAHA! I couldn't proof this post after I posted it. Joeuser was loading slowly from my connection this morning and I had to go to school but apparently, I didn't post it so that the pictures would load up. I'll try to fix that.
on Mar 15, 2007
Okidoki. Looks like I got the main post fixed. Woohoo!