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More field trips
Published on March 17, 2007 By chiprj In Blogging
Okidoki, we had another field trip today. And a visit to a Korean company yesterday.

On Fridays, we do task based activities. Last week, we went to the museums and had to get pictures of certain things and be able to explain in Korean what they were when we got back to class to the other team. Yesterday, we went to two Korean companies and got a guided tour of their places of business. The other group went to a company that sells music on the internet in mp3 format and also for ringtones for cell phones (I think that's something they reported). My group went to LG Innotek, which makes a number of tech items like screen modules for cell phones, cars, LCD/PDP televisions, wireless modules for the same, and many other things. It was a really neat tour and the people there were really nice. I was impressed enough to later send them a thank you email written in Korean... all of five sentences, including the one that apologized for it being so short because I don't know the layout of the Korean typing keyboard.

Here is a picture of our group and our guide in front of a monitor (their company makes) that has a nice welcome message especially for us.

Today, we went to the Tomb of King Sejong. He's a very famous and important figure in Korean history. Among other things, he's credited as the father of the written Korean language. He was very progressive as far as developing science and several facilities were established under his rule (early to mid 15th century) for scholars to get together and learn and invent. There were a lot of neat things to see, including several sundials, water clocks, and rain gauges.

Here is a picture from out in front of one of the buildings. I'm the silly guy with his pet.

After visiting the tomb, we moved on to the city of Ichon. This city is very famous for it's ceramics and that was exactly what we were there to learn about. We started the day with free blank mugs on which we could paint anything we wanted. This is the bottom of my mug. That's my Korean name and the date. I'd show you the side of the mug, but I am not artistically talented in the least. I stuck with the simple design of writing my name in bigger letters and including the chinese characters for my rank. I also painted the name of the college we're attending on the handle. We should have the mugs fired and ready to go in a few days and I'll post a picture of the finished product then.

During the creation process of our own original ceramic work, I decided to have a little fun. The students are both amused and confused by my behavior. I believe they are ready to subscribe to my newsletter.

Here we have a couple of pics of my bowl that will shrink down to a cup sized object during the creation process.

Once again, we wrote our names on the bottom so we get them back later more easily.

Well, that's enough for now.

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