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Once again, it's been a while
Published on January 8, 2008 By chiprj In Blogging
Well, it's been a while. Last time I posted anything, I was in Korea. Since I've been back, I've had funeral detail twice and I've gone down to NTC to serve as an augmentee O/C twice. It's been pretty hectic and busy, but I'd be lying if I claimed that was the reason for my absence. Mostly, I've just not had the blogging bug in me at all, really. I still don't really feel it, but I figured if I posted a few things, maybe it would catch on. If not, I'll see you again in 6-12 months.

I just finished up my second two month tour of funeral detail duty in December. I guess it's not just the blogging bug that hasn't bitten me, it's more of a writing bug that has been absent because I haven't written anything about the individual services that I participated in while on the detail. I'm regretting that a bit now.

The trips to NTC were fun. Both times I got to cover down on something new and learn about a different system than I normally work with. I volunteered to go to both rotations and the core group of permanent party O/Cs that were there my first trip were still there, so they were both good trips. Most of those guys have retired or PCS'd now, so I don't know that I'll be volunteering to go back again so quickly.

I took some leave over the summer and we had some family and friends come out. For one week, my mom and aunt came out to visit and a couple days after they went home, some friends from Hawaii came out for a week. We had a great time showing them around all over the central California coast.

Otherwise, I've been teaching (less than I used to due to all the time I've spent out of the office) and I have another class of students preparing to graduate at the end of February. Their final textbook test is next week and then it's all DLPT prep. I'm looking forward to their success and seeing them move on to bigger and better things in the future.

Well, that was a bare bones style update. I'm going to post at least one more thing today and see how that goes. Maybe I'll be back to regular writing again.

on Jan 08, 2008
A starter comment to get this on the forums. Might as well get this circulating! Also, I deleted about 100 old posts a couple days ago to clean up my blog. Figured if anyone wanted to go back and check out older stuff, they shouldn't have to wade through Korean vocabulary quizzes and fantasy sports updates.
on Jan 08, 2008
Great to see you around and I'm glad you're doing well. You sound really busy!

I miss you!

on Jan 08, 2008
nice to see you back!
on Jan 08, 2008
nice to see you back!
on Jan 09, 2008
Thanks. Good to be back. I'll probably try to leave my webcomic post at the top of my blog a little while longer and maybe post something new later today or tomorrow. I really hope people go check that comic out. It really is a good one.