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The Abominable Charles Christopher
Published on January 8, 2008 By chiprj In Blogging
I've always enjoyed reading comics, whether they were the funny pages in the newspaper or the monthly Superman comic books. That hasn't changed with my discovery of webcomics.

I mostly read "gaming" webcomics and check them on their normal update days, like Penny Arcade, PVP, Red vs Blue, and Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Lately, I've been checking out some other webcomics and have found a few that I'm bookmarking and checking out.

This brings me to the webcomic that I hope you'll check out. The Abominable Charles Christopher is a webcomic that I learned about from reading the blog/news post on PVP a couple weeks back. This comic is drawn and written by Karl Kerschl. The artwork is amazing and the story, while still young and forming, is a mixture of comedic and touching moments. There are only 28 installments so far, so catching up will not take very long. The first comic can be found here.

I hope you'll take a few moments to check this out. I've really enjoyed reading it and it's one of the first webpages I check out every Wednesday morning to see the update.

on Jan 08, 2008
I'm always down for a new comic. The only ones I check on a regular basis are Toothpaste for Dinner, Natalie Dee, and Married to the Sea.
on Jan 08, 2008
I think I've seen those before but never bookmarked them. I checked out the newest comic on each and now have them all here in the comments section so I can go back when I have some time and check them out some more. Thanks!
on Jan 08, 2008
I'd also recommend LFG and Least I Could Do. Those are two of my favorites, particularly the latter.


on Jan 09, 2008
Wow, I'm absolutely blown away. The art is gorgeous as are the stories. Powerful stuff and a perfect example of everything that is right about this artform.

Despite being a big graphic novel fan, I've not explored any online options. Now seems like a good time to start. Tahnks for sharing this.
on Jan 09, 2008
Least I Could Do is freakin' hilarious, for the record.
on Jan 09, 2008
I made it through about half of the LFG archive and was entertained. Richard is a very funny character.

I didn't make it through nearly as many Least I Could Do comics since that archive goes so much farther back. But, I agree, it is very funny. I'll be spending more time there in the near future reading the archive.

Also, don't forget! Today is the weekly update for The Abominable Charles Christopher!
on Jan 09, 2008
Still working on the archives for Least I Could Do, and then I'll get to yours, chip.

You're right - there is FAR too much of an archive for this comic.
on Jan 09, 2008
You're right - there is FAR too much of an archive for this comic.

And that's a good thing. When I found it early last year, I spent a few days to catch up. My buddies thought I was losing it as I sat with my laptop giggling in the corner. I've just started going back through the archives again. I went through so much so quickly the first time around, that a lot of it seems new again.

The ACC is very enjoyable, though I've ben checking repeatedly and there's no update. I feel like I'm waiting for water to boil.    I'm looking forward to keeping up with it, though, as the artwork is quite impressive.

Richard is a very funny character

Richard is awesome. Some of his lines just kill me. Just the fact that his name is Richard is funny to me. For some reason the name just sticks out oddly to me in epic hero-type stories.
on Jan 10, 2008
Still working my way through LICD. Really funny but I've still got over four years of strips to catch up on.

New TACC went up after I got home from work last night. Another pricelessly funny strip! Sissy Skunk is awesome!
on Oct 02, 2008

Just a quick bump for the forums.  For those of you that have followed The Abominable Charles Christopher, and even more for those of you that see this and have not checked it out, the story has advanced quite a bit and has gripped me even more. 

I hope you'll check it out.

on Oct 02, 2008

I'll have to check some of these out...missed this the first time around.

There are 4 comics that I'm keeping up with currently.  Cyanide and Happiness, Daisy Owl, xkcd, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

I linked the the first Daisy Owl one...it's a bit linear.  The others are random so it doesn't matter where you start.

Check'em out if ya like.