If it's wrong, I've probably said it...
Published on January 10, 2008 By chiprj In Blogging
Well, my boss stopped by today to let me know that he was looking at me for the next immersion trip to Korea. He was actually slated to go but some scheduling conflict has come up and it looks like I'll be getting the nod!

This will be similar to last year's trip. I'll take a group of students from our school over to Korea and study with them at a Korean university (namely Korea University). They'll have the opportunity to live with a Korean family and experience the culture and society in a way that we can not duplicate here. And I'll get a chance to do that all, too!

One downside is that, just like last year, I'll be separated from my wife for our anniversary. I think in the nearly nine years we've been married, we've been apart for far more anniversaries than we've been together. That's the Army, I guess. I did drop off paperwork to take leave for a couple weeks before I depart for Korea, so we'll have time to celebrate early before I go.

Another downside is that I'll miss my current students' graduation. Obviously, not as big a deal as missing an anniversary, but it's still a bummer that I won't be here to call their names as they walk across the stage on graduation day. The ceremony is really a highlight of teaching here.

Oh, well! It's a free trip to study in Korea! Keep your collective fingers crossed that everything gets approved.

on Jan 11, 2008
Good luck, and sorry for the separation.  At least they got internet over there!
on Jan 14, 2008
Well, it looks like I spoke too soon. HAHA! Turns out the roster for the trip to Korea was locked a couple days before we tried to make the change. So now, my boss is going to have to skip out of the training that conflicts with this trip and he'll get to go to Korea anyway.

Oh, well. I did plan to take leave before the trip and have decided to take it anyways. Now, my wife and I are thinking about her taking a little time off and doing something together as an early anniversary celebration. I'll also get to be at graduation for my students.